Character Descriptions

Arbadella, Amos's Daughter, Played by Barbara Jean Wong

Charles Correll: Creator & Producer

Freeman Gosden: Creator & Producer

Minstrel's Transition To Radio

Radio Show Introduction

Minstrel's Transition To Radio

Annual Christmas Radio Show

The Two Black Crows

Sam ‘n’ Henry

The Johnson Family

The Gumps and Sam ‘n’ Henry

Voiced By Gosden and Correll

Station WMAQ in Chicago Illinois in 1928

Amos ‘n’ Andy’s Music Hall

Amos n Andy Premise

Amos 'n' Andy "Nazi Spy"

Amos and Andy Popularity

Amos n Andy Television Cast (TV Cast)

Abbott's Monthly, 1930

Abbott's Monthly, 1930

Pittsburgh Courier, 1931

NAACP Bulletin

Off Air

Final Thoughts on Amos And Andy Today

Where Are They Now